LOAD 514 - Week Four (Final Week!)

Welcome to another installment of the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514) .  I have the fourth week's worth of l...

Welcome to another installment of the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514).  I have the fourth week's worth of layouts to share today.  My self-imposed rules for LOAD514 were to use my April Counterfeit Kit that I created, do at least one layout every day, no purchases at all that may come into contact with a scrapbook layout, and I created traditional or pocket pages depending on the prompt or photos from my childhood, my daughter's childhood, and my mother's childhood.  This week I went off prompt.  Completely.  I wanted to really focus in and finish all of my March pages for my album so that I would not be behind.  I definitely want to go back and work through the prompts, it just didn't work out for the final prompts of May for me.

LOAD 514 - March (17 - 23) Project Life Spread

LOAD 514 - Day 22 - March (17 - 23) Project Life Spread
This spread talks about how we've brought Atty's bouncer downstairs, which she loves.  And also how our Christmas tree is still up....in March.  Parent fail. lol  I used some of the BoBunny flowers that were in my kit to help break up some of the blue cardstock (which is one of the few things I have a ton of left in my kit).

LOAD 514 - March (17 - 23) Project Life Spread about eating cherrios

Page two focuses on how she is getting really good at eating cherrios now (she was having some troubles before).  I love love love how the October Afternoon Daily Flash alphas looked for Cherrio eating machine.  LOVE how that turned out.  It make me want to buy a whole bunch of packs of those letter stickers.

LOAD 514 - March (17 - 23) Project Life Spread - Family dinner out tradition

LOAD 514 - Day 23 - March (17 - 23) Project Life Spread (page three)
This is the third page of the spread.  This time I played around more with the yellow cardstock that I had left in my kit.  This spread focuses on our family tradition of going to Pizza Ranch every Saturday for a family dinner.  This is important to us, because a) Atty can eat there, so we don't have to worry about bringing food or snacks since there is plenty that she can eat b) since Jamie and I work different shifts Saturdays is one of the few days that we get to be all together c) it's our special treat - we try not to spend money throughout the week.

This is page four from the week of March 17-28.  This is focused on Uncle Kevin coming over for lunch and visiting the baby.  I used some of the Simple Stories Homespun 6x6 page and some of my left over scraps.

LOAD 514 - March (24 - 28) Project Life Spread - Dr. visit

LOAD 514 - Day 24 - Project Life Page March (24 - 28)
This week we had to take Atty to the Dr because she was throwing up, we made some banana bread for relay for life, and had a cool storm with some awesome clouds.  This is page one of the spread.  I used some white tags to help get my stories journaled for the 24th and the 26th.

LOAD 514 - March (24 - 28) Project Life Spread toddler playing in laundry

LOAD 514 - Day 25 - Project Life  March (24 - 28)
This week Atty also played in clean laundry (one of her favorite things to do currently), watched some of her fav shows, and ate at Osaka for lunch one day.  I played with using up scraps of paper and little bits of embellishments from my April kit.

LOAD 514 - Project Life March (29 - 31) Celebrating spring

LOAD 514 - Day 26 - Project Life March (29 - 31) Page Six
I started this spread earlier in the month with my celebration of Spring.  This is the other activities we did other than our visit to Wallace's.  We bought Atty a walker, shes standing and pulling herself up, and she had her first booboo ending up with a bruise. 

LOAD 514 - Scrapbooking layout on Toddler Mood Swings

LOAD 514 - Day 27 - Mood Swings
Scrapbook layout about my daughter.  Really fun layout to put together tonight.  I used authentique phrase stickers for my journaling, which reads " You amaze me.  One day perfect innocence, the next we have our hands full.  Your voice can be delightful and you're silly, but when you are in a mood, you are LOUD and yell!  Today you are playing with Rattle Monkey - a mischievous face and midsnarl - but you are just full of giggles and smiles.  You are a diva, but we love our heaven sent girl!"  I had tons of fun with this layout.  I used all kinds of letter stickers and part of the simple stories homespun 6x6 pad.  Its quite a bit busy for me lately, but I really love how it turned out!

LOAD 514 - Learning to Stand Up Straight and Tall - scrapbooking layout

LOAD 514 - Day 28 - Learning to Stand Up Straight and Tall
Scrapbook layout about my daughter who is just starting to stand and pull herself up. Paper and vellum is Dear Lizzy.  Super simply layout but I love it.  I used a fun mix of alphas (I don't know what the black thickers are, but the green is Jillibean Gumbo Green and the white is October Afternoon Daily Flash).

LOAD514 - Scrapbooking layout about getting taxes done

LOAD 514 - Day 29 - Tax Day
Scrapbook layout about our experience doing our taxes with a young one (for the first time) and the four hour experience that it entailed.  One coffee was definitely not enough.  I had to feed her breakfast while waiting in line.  My husband got very angry when we got passed up, even though we were there before they opened.  Atty was really good for the first couple of hours but the last two were hard...  I used some of the speciality mulberry paper that I've had for years and years and years!

LOAD514 - Documenting toddler's hatwearing habits

LOAD 514 - Day 30 - Hat Wearer
Scrapbook layout about my daughter who has never liked to wear hats, bonnets, or bows.  One day we went window shopping and she loved wearing all kinds of hats.. even nonhats.  I used a whole set of puffy flower stickers between these two layouts...lol  But I thought they looked so cute!  This is the left side of the spread

LOAD514 - Scrapbooking layout about silly toddler antics

This is the right side of the spread.  In the photo on the left she is wearing a giant foam flower that has a hole in the middle.  Silly girl....  I used more of the Simple Stories Homespun 12 x 12 paper (this was my last full sheet of patterned paper in my kit!).

LOAD514 - Scrapbook layout on the stack of layouts created for LOAD514

LOAD 514 - Day 31 - The Stack
The final #LOAD514  layout.  I have completed 54 layouts through my first LOAD experience.  Wooot!  Journaling reads, "LOAD 514 has been my 1st experience with the Layout a Day concept with Lain Ehmann.  And it has been an amazing time.  During the whole month of May, I created 54 layouts for my scrapbook albums and got down some fantastic stories and memories." 

This week I created another 13 layouts.  This brings my final total up to 41 layouts completed through LOAD.  The total in the above layout is adding in the layouts that I created for National Scrapbooking Day challenges across the scrapbooking world, which I did not include here.  Thanks for checking out the layouts that I completed for LOAD 514 - I hope you enjoyed them!  I really loved this challenge and can't wait for the next one!  If you missed any of the previous posts of my LOAD514 layouts check out week one, week two, and week three!

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