LOAD 514 - Week One

I participated in Layout a Day (LOAD)  in May.  The theme for LOAD 514 was Past Perfect, so I was able to complete layouts about my daughter...

I participated in Layout a Day (LOAD) in May.  The theme for LOAD 514 was Past Perfect, so I was able to complete layouts about my daughter, about my childhood, about my mother's childhood, and some current day layouts as well.  I used my April Counterfeit kit for most of the layouts (there were a few that required I dip into my stash for themed paper). I also did not allow myself to purchase anything scrapbooking related for the entire month.  It was awesome.  On May 31st, I had literally 3 inches of my tape adhesive left!  I think I used a total of  7 rolls over the course of the month in my tape runner.  I loved this challenge and am planning on participating in the next one as well!  I completed a total of 41 layouts for LOAD, I believe.  It was an amazing experience.  Some of the layouts are complex, some of them are simple.  As the month progressed it got harder for my to do layouts after work so they got a bit simpler.  When I had more time on the weekends, I tried to spend more time on the layouts.  But I love the mix of layouts I got!

LOAD514 Challenge Past Perfect 2 - Project Life spread of Today's World for Baby album

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day One:
This layout is for my daughter's baby album for the "Today's World" type section.  She was born in 2013.  I used the Becky Higgins Baby kit for the 3x4 cards (Digital Download).  I did not use the April Counterfeit kit for this layout.  I intend to do a little bit more embellishing on some of the photos, but I didn't realize my printer was out of black ink.  So I have to reprint the photos.  Basically, I highlighted who the current president is (Obama), one of our favorite movies from the year (Catching Fire), our favorite books (Game of Thrones), our favorite television series (...Game of Thrones ;) and Once Upon a Time), the current videogame systems (I'm a gamer...), and the Pantone fashion color for fall (when she was born).  The journaling cards have other tidbits as well like today's leaders; cost of living in our country; cost of essential items like bread, gas, milk, etc; top headlines from around the time she was born (which was a lot of war this and bombers and negative stuff so I tried to keep it on the lighter side while slightly touching on those things); top books; top movies; top television series; fashion trends; technology; popular songs, and stuff like that.  Pretty much a time capsule of Fall 2013 for her baby album.

Scrapbook layout documenting my experience watching Gremlins and the nightmares after

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Two:
My brother let me watch Gremlins when I was young.  Afterwards, every night I would go to bed and notice a strange shadow on my bedroom door that moved continually and it looked like a Gremlin shadow!  For weeks it would freak me out to the point that I would crawl under my bed, blocking myself with toys and stuff to go to sleep - so that the Gremlins couldn't get me!
Later I found it was the tree in our front yard casting a shadow into my room because of the street lamp outside.  My brother made fun of me constantly for being so scared!  Ironically he was just as scared when he first saw the movie in the theatres at the age of 8!  This layout was not created using my April Counterfeit kit, except for the papers.  Instead I used Echo Park's the Apothecary Emporium sticker sheet from 2011.

Scrapbook layout about doing puzzles with my Grandparents for LOAD514

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Three:
While we played board games as well when I was young, I found this adorable picture of me doing a puzzle at my grandma's house.    Journaling reads "For as long as I can remember I have loved to do puzzles.  Especially with my Grandmas.  We would spend hours together matching up pieces.  I even glued puzzles I had completed and used them to decorate my room through the years.  What a great way to spend time together!"  This layout was also for a National Scrapbooking Day challenge at Scrapbook.com.  The challenge was to use watercolor to create a word.  For the title I used watercolor and painted it with a turquoise and then outlined the banner with silver sharpie.  I also used an old stamp by Hampton Arts from 2002 to create the puzzle pieces that I used for layering behind the photo.  Everything else for this layout came from my April Counterfeit Kit.

Scrapbook layout using vintage photo of my mother's belief in Santa

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Four:
Do you believe? Scrapbooking layout about Christmas 1959 when my mother doubted Santa, so he came to visit.  I pulled out my stash of Christmas supplies for this layout.  LOVE how it turned out.  I got to play with my Heidi Swapp Believe stash (I absolutely love that collection and should have bought more of it...).  I also used some Crate Paper (Bundled Up) ephemera and some journaling cards from Becky Higgins Heritage Project Life edition.

Scrapbooking layout looking at what it really means to Grow Up

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Five:
For the Day 5 prompt, I included several times throughout my life that the meaning of  "real" life or "grown" up life has changed for me.  Beginning at age 8, I asked for underwear that didn't have the days of the week or Disney characters on them.  I thought that real life would start when I could pick my own clothes.  When I was young, I always said that you were old at age 13 and finally a teenager.  That's when life finally got interesting right?  At age 16 - I thought life was finally going to start since I had the freedom of mobility.  I was actually able to have a social life and run away - even if it was only for a few hours.  After college I thought my life would start when I had a child.  And you, my dear, have completely changed my life.  My thoughts on life have also changed - and I believe, now, that life is what you make it.  I seek to spend every moment living with joy."

Scrapbooking layout about my favorite music growing up for LOAD514

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Six:
I still need to print my photos but am currently out of ink.  The six journaling cards will have photos of the 5 artists that I talked about in my journaling and either Mulan or the Little Mermaid to represent Disney.  I'm going to print the 6 photos at 2 x 2 to fit on the cards.  The journaling reads, "I have always had very eclectic music choices.  I don't fit into any specific genre, I simply like what I like.  Music has come into my life in waves, gently rolling in and engulfing me and then moving on.  I can go months without listening to music and then listen to music constantly for weeks.  Another of my musical quirks is that I always pour over lyrics until I have the words down pat.  The lyrics are always more important to me than the music itself, although I do like a good beat.  In the 90s growing up my go to artists were Celine Dion, Faith Hill, DC Talk, The Backstreet Boys, Eminem, TLC and anything Disney."

Project Life Celebrating Spring March 2014

Layout a Day (514) Past Perfect 2 - Day Seven:
Day seven is a bit different as I created 5 project life spreads for the month of March (2014) as my celebration of spring!  Some are missing photos, since once again the printer was/is out of ink..  Every spring we take a trip to the local green house (Wallace's) and find all kinds of stuff.  Both Jamie and I look forward to it!  This is page one of five.

Atty's first trip to Wallace's to Celebrate Spring scrapbook layout

This is page two of five.  It was Atty's first trip and she was fascinated by all of the plants and flowers.

Scrapbooking layout documenting all the cool Fairy Garden accessories at Wallace's

This is page three of five.  It focuses on one of the main reasons we go to Wallace's - to oogle at all the awesome fairy garden stuff.  Every year we say we are going to make our own and look at all the new product and get ideas on things we could make ourselves.  Jamie really loved the water scenes this year.

Scrapbook layout of bits and bobs from Wallace's. Project Life spread for LOAD514

This is page four of five.  All of the photos are collage images that need printed of the various bits and bobs that we found for fairy garden making.

Project Life spread on celebrating spring through visiting a local garden center

This is page five of five.  The bottom card is left blank so that Jamie can write his thoughts on the day. 

So just in week one I completed 12 layouts!  Whew!  Check back tomorrow for the second week of layouts for LOAD 514!

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