LOAD514 - Week Two

Continuing on with the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514) , I have the second week's worth of layouts to share ...

Continuing on with the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514), I have the second week's worth of layouts to share today.  My self-imposed rules for LOAD514 were to use my April Counterfeit Kit that I created, do at least one layout every day, no purchases at all that may come into contact with a scrapbook layout, and I created traditional or pocket pages depending on the prompt or photos from my childhood, my daughter's childhood, and my mother's childhood.

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey - scrapbooking layout for LOAD514

LOAD - Day 8 - You make me happy
You make me happy when skies are grey.   Soundtrack of my life prompt.  Kind of took a cop-out, because I couldn't think of any songs for my childhood.  My mom couldn't think of any songs about her life that weren't negative (my opinion).  So I went with an oldie but a goodie for my daughter :)  This is one of my favorite pages I completed for LOAD. 

Scrapbook layout about our totem opossum Bob for LOAD514

LOAD - Day 9 - Totem Opossum
This is my totem animal currently (until another makes itself known anyway).  We have been adopted by a opossum that has lost its tail at some point, so we call him Bob.  He tends to eat during the day instead of at night and can also be found in the raccoon traps almost every night.  Because of Bob, all opossums got a free pass from relocation in March.  This will be the journaling for the page, I just ran out of time and energy during LOAD.  Actually, speaking of Bob, we haven't seen him since March ended.  Hmm....

Scrapbooking layout from when I was a kid about three way calling with friends for LOAD514

LOAD - Day 10 - Three Way Calling
I need to hunt down the photo that my best friends and I had taken together in jr high, so there is just a place holder right now.  But this layout is going to be all about the hours we spent as kids on the phone using three way calling so that we could all talk to each other.  Three way calling was when you call one person, put them on hold, and call the second person and put them on hold and it would merge the calls so you could talk to both people at once.  We would do it for HOURS and HOURS.  My friend Jamie had three-way calling too, so we could end up with 5 or 6 people on the line during some of our sessions.

Scrapbook layout that acts as a story opener for my three dogs that I've owned in my life

LOAD - Day 11 - Puppy Love
This layout is about our three dogs that I had growing up.  I need to go through and do journaling on several layouts and this is one of them.  However the journaling will read: "1 - Trixie - she was our first dog and we got her when I was 5 years old.  She ended up going blind and so we got another puppy that I could play with in 1998.  While she was supposed to be a family dog, she ended up claiming my grandpa as her human. 2 - Pepper - my dog, at least he was until I went to college and he decided to reclaim my dad as his human.  He was awesome and even liked to play basketball with me!  3 - Snickers - Snickers we got in 2002 or there about when Trixie passed away.  He was one of the laziest cockerspaniels (they were all three cockers) all he wanted to do, even as puppy, was lie down and get cuddles and pets." 

There are several follow up stories I'd like to tell about each of these puppies.  Trixie loved to play with balloons (as seen in this photo) and we used to play dog hide and seek tag with her (you hid and she found you).  Pepper loved to chase cows and would spend hours doing it if they were too close to the fence for his liking.  He also loved cars and would ride out every week with my dad to take the garbage to the curb.  Snickers and I had a lovely experience when he was just a puppy in the middle of winter - I got us locked out of the house with me wearing just PJs and barefoot, with tons of snow on the ground!

Scrapbook layout documenting my love for cooking early on at age two for LOAD514

LOAD - Day 12 - Passion for Cooking
This is my take on the prompt about seeds of the future.  These pictures are of me at age two.  As far back as I can remember I had a play kitchen and loved to cook ALL the TIME!  Well that passion carried over to growing up and helping with meals and finally my love of cooking today!  This is page one and has a coordinating pocket page with the rest of the pictures from this time.

Document something you have loved since a kid - Scrapbooking layout of me at two cooking

This is page two and is a coordinating pocket page to the traditional layout.  I even spent most of Kindergarten playing with the toy kitchen (and being a toy kitchen bully not letting anyone else play with it or "clean up", because they did it wrong...or something like that).

Highlighting Month 7 of my daughter's first year scrapbook

LOAD - Day 13 - (The Best of) 7 months
This is my monthly highlight page I like to do for my daughter.  This photo is from March 2014 (I'm a couple months behind.. - and will be 5x7 for the final layout, but I gave away all of my 5x7 copies for Mothers Day). Journaling reads "Atty is growing up so fast.  At 7 months she is crawling super fast, trying to pull herself up and stand, eating stage two foods and anything she can get off our plates, eating Cherrios and puffs, teething so badly, had her 1st babysitting experience, and watching Bubble Guppies and Sesame Street."  This is another one of my favorites for the month!

Scrapbooking layout documenting how I used to go home sick as a kid for LOAD514

LOAD - Day 14 - Sick Day
Sick Day - This scrapbook layout tells about how I would get sent home from school for running a "fever" in grade school.  Note to self - during LOAD do not try to use the sew-easy to create shapes and then hand stitch....it takes waaaayyyy tooo long lol!  I mean...I probably spent 2 or more 3 hours just stitching that circle, then gave up and said I'd finished the circle some other time!  Hence why you can see the little stitch marks (where I need to go back through and finished stitching).

This week I finished off with 8 more layouts, bringing my total up to 20!  Whew.  Come back tomorrow to check out my third week of LOAD layouts!  And if you missed it, check out my week one LOAD layouts.

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