LOAD 514 - Week Three

Welcome to another installment of the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514) .  I have the third week's worth of la...

Welcome to another installment of the layouts that I created during Layout-a-day in May (LOAD514).  I have the third week's worth of layouts to share today.  My self-imposed rules for LOAD514 were to use my April Counterfeit Kit that I created, do at least one layout every day, no purchases at all that may come into contact with a scrapbook layout, and I created traditional or pocket pages depending on the prompt or photos from my childhood, my daughter's childhood, and my mother's childhood.

LOAD514 - Day 15 - 1st Beauty Lessons scrapbooking layout

LOAD514 - Day 15 - 1st Beauty Lessons
Fashion victim - when I was three I decided to cut off my bangs.  Later I ended up with this lovely hairstyle when I asked my Grandma to cut my hair and it is now in the history books as the "Bowl Cut" according to my mother.  *I'm way too tired tonight to type the journaling but if you can't read it let me know and I will tomorrow :)

LOAD514 - Time Out Scrapbook Layout

LOAD514 - Day 16 - Time Out
Journaling reads, "When I was naughty as a kid, the punishment was usually being grounded for a short time (anywhere from hours to weeks).  Grounding included any social activities that weren't school (even some church activities), videogames, and the phone."  This layout was made completely with scraps of patterned paper from my April Counterfeit Kit and then assembled onto a black piece of cardstock with a few embellishments.

LOAD514 - Favorite TV shows scrapbooking layout

LOAD514 - Day 17 - TV Time
I loved waking up early to watch my favs before school.  Some of my fav included Bobby's World, Power Rangers, Looney Toons, Tiny Toons, Xmen, HeMan & She-Ra, Doug, and Rugrats.

LOAD514- Scrapbooking layout about losing my tooth as a kid

LOAD514- Day 18 - Lost My Tooth
When I was two & 1/2 or three (parents can't decide, but current photo evidence leads to three), I went to the park with my older brother.  While at the park instead of watching me, he was flirting with a girl and I decided to climb the rope ladder to get to the slide.  My foot got stuck and I fell, knocking out my front tooth!  On another note, I've almost killed my April Counterfeit kit through these LOAD challenges - woot!

LOAD514 - Scrapbooking layout on Reflections in 2014

LOAD514 - Day 19 - Reflections 2014
Just got my batch of photos from April so I used some more recent photos since I didn't have anything from these time periods mentioned in the journaling.  Journaling reads - "I wanted to be many things a child.  For the longest time I wanted to be a writer.  I also considered being a computer programmer in Highschool and writing computer games.  After sophomore year, when I started thinking about colleges I toyed with the idea of being a therapist, chiropractor, architect, and an anthropologist.  Finally, I decided to persue a degree in photography because I loved my yearbook class.  While in college, I fell in love with museums and wanted to use my photography skills to enhance the museum experience.  While I may not have the "career" that I thought I would, I am glad to call myself an artist.  I love creating - anything from crafts, scrapbook layouts, mixed media, and home d├ęcor.  I also am very lucky to be a momma - I never imaged how it would be when I was a child!"

LOAD514 -  Scrapbooking layout on my baptism

LOAD514 - Day 20 - Baptism
This is pretty much the point that my in depth journaling ceased.  I do have most of it written down, but not on the layouts.  This one focuses on my Baptism (around age 12), which is different than what most people have I think.  I'm Pentacostal and this is how our Baptisms were done for many years, in the open air and the elements.  My journaling focuses a lot on how church played an important role in my life as a children.  I also have to create my letter B with a letter D and a number 8 - but I think it looks pretty good...

LOAD514 - Project Life spread for March 10-16 2014

LOAD514 - Day 21 - March PL (days 10 - 16)
My PL spread for March 10-16.  I've got some ideas rolling around for the prompt, but just couldn't get to it with the daughter on this day.  So I needed something a bit less extensive.  Plus I don't want to fall further behind on my PL than I already am!

LOAD514 - Project Life spread for March page two

This is page two of my March PL spread for the 10th through the 16th.  Very Atty focused kinda week :)

So lets see, that's 8 more layouts for week number three, bringing my grand total up to 28!  I'm so amazed that I got this much done in one month!  Check back tomorrow for my last round up of layouts for LOAD 514.  If you've missed any of the previous LOAD514 layouts, check out week one and week two!

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