December Daily Week 1 Thoughts, Highlights, and Flipthrough

How is your December Daily process going so far?   Are you behind?  Are you still excited about this project?  What are some of the things y...

How is your December Daily process going so far?   Are you behind?  Are you still excited about this project?  What are some of the things you’re loving about it?  I’m loving how my December Daily album is beginning to come together.  It is so interesting to see your foundation pages fill up with photos and memories.  It’s like your photos and memories are breathing life into your album. 

Highlights from Week 1 of December Daily

Friday the 4th

Atty started the day off with some hot cocoa and wanting to wear her big girl undies.  She wore two pairs throughout the morning, until she peed in them - which made her mighty upset.  After round two, she decided she wanted the diaper back on, which was perfect timing for nap. 

Saturday the 5th

We headed out for shopping around 10 am.  Atty ended up falling asleep in the car for a nap so we drove around for while, and I hit the scrapbooking store to pick up some new goodies for my December Daily, and then we headed to Walmart for groceries and Christmas shopping.  Along the way in Walmart, we found quite a few good ideas for Atty, including a trike that she loved.  We let her have the trike early, and she was able to get a good ride round the neighborhood.  I also got some super cute pictures of me and Atty in the grass. 

Sunday the 6th 

Jamie and I were up all night on Saturday, so when Atty woke up I stayed up with her and Jamie went to bed for a while.  I made her a yummy breakfast of peanut butter toast and banana.  We enjoyed a morning of cuddles and Little Einsteins and Bubble Guppies.  I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and into the evening, once he woke up.  Then we cuddled up and watched the new Lion Guard movie (again).  And Atty cuddled on me until she fell asleep.

My Thoughts After One Week of December Daily

I think it’s going pretty well since I’m working on it in increments and playing with a variety of techniques and tools for my December Daily Quickies.  The quickies are helping me progress through my album and helping with limiting choices that would otherwise get me stuck.  This is a great way to keep yourself interested in the project, just switch things up and work on different parts of your album.  Another tip is to keep it simple on days that you have a lot of pictures or the world is keeping you hustling and bustling.  For example, I created just a simple 4x6 journaling card about the day that I had a migraine that knocked me on my butt for the entire day.

Capture Everyday Stories

Don’t forget to capture your everyday stories.  I know we are all in full holiday swing,  but your everyday life is important too.  I’ve had several everyday stories that I’ve already included in my December Daily, along with holiday stories.  I’ve included stuff about our first December snow, my daughter’s fascination with hot cocoa, her desire to wear big girl undies, and her love of the Christmas tree (which includes hugs).  I’ve also included our holiday stories about putting up the Christmas tree and going shopping for gifts and making paper chains as a family. 

Feeling Uninspired with Your Photos?

Sometimes the thing that holds me back during December Daily is a lack of ideas for what kind of photos I should take.  Here's some quick ideas to help give you a jumpstart if you're feeling uninspired.

  • Get some selfies of you in this season.  Especially, if you’re the main photographer of your family.  RuKristin does a wonderful series called Thursday Three, where you take a self portrait and list 3 things about you right now.  This is a great way to get some photos of you into your album.
  • Get some photos of your shopping.  This could be your shopping list, your items as you’re checking out, unloading the goodies from your vehicle, stashing them wherever you hide presents until you get to the wrapping step - or even wrapping if you’re ahead of the game! 
  • I love tree photos.  Not only of the whole decorated tree, but close up of favorite ornaments, the process of decorating, and children around the tree. 
  • I don’t know about you, but I live on coffee.  Especially at this time of year.  Have you gotten any shots of your coffee mugs yet?  It doesn’t have to be your Starbucks or a special treat.  This could be a great time to document a favorite mug, or even a favorite kind of coffee or creamer.  I’ve taken photos of my favorite seasonal creamer in the past (Peppermint Mocha), as well as a variety of mugs. 
  • What about your home?  Have you taken any pictures of the interior of your home yet?  Our homes seem to change during this time of year.  From fireplace mantles to coats hung up, even our kitchens!  Show us what life actually looks like for you in December.

For more December photo inspiration, check out my pinterest board.

December Daily Week 1 Video Flipthrough

I filmed a video flip through of my album so far, including dates and photos for the first week.  Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration on ways to incorporate a little extra something into your December Daily.

Check out more December Daily videos on the December Daily 2015 playlist I’ve created on YouTube.  It includes all video flip-throughs of my mini album so far, as well as all of the December Quickies!  Please comment below on how your December Daily project is going so far, I'd love to hear all about it!

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