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Reading ... nothing at the moment.  Though, I'd love some suggestions, because it's getting close to that time of the year tha...

Reading... nothing at the moment.  Though, I'd love some suggestions, because it's getting close to that time of the year that I just can't get enough of books as I snuggle under a blankie.

Playing... Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I have kind of stalled out on it at about 85 or so hours and now I'm bored...

Watching... nature shows on PBS.  When cartoons aren't on our TV, then the nature shows are.  We started watching Big Blue Live (about the whales in California) last week and we are loving it so far (although we haven't finished the third segment yet).

Trying... to do this blogging daily thing!  Blasted migraines!

Cooking... nothing these days.  Jamie has pretty much taken over cooking duties.

Eating... chocolate fudge brownies with chocolate cherry frosting.  Mmmmmm.

Drinking... coffee with Cold Stone creamer - Yum!  It's my Friday night special.
Calling... to me is a desire to expand my daughter's knowledge of and experience with this amazing world we live in!

Texting... with my Momma, who is currently sick and afraid of spreading her cooties to Atty.

Pinning... anything related to Montessori or child-led learning for toddlers, and anything to do with art journaling. 

Going... nowhere this weekend, if I have my way.  Momma needs some cuddle on the couch time after this week!

Loving... having our windows open to feel the cool breeze.

Hating... migraines.  They've kept me from blogging or arting pretty much all week!

Discovering... new mini album and journal constructions as I think about (and prep) for December Daily.

Thinking... about the next couple of months' blogging plans and projects.

Feeling... worn out due to work and my migraines this week.

Hoping (for)... my Groovebook photos to arrive any day now.

Listening (to)... the silence of the house.  Daddy put Atty to bed tonight, after giving her a bath.  The only noises are crickets chirping and the sound of traffic going by on the main road to the highway.

Celebrating... that the week is over!  Plus, I have the whole weekend off to hang out with family and relax.

Smelling... the awesome spaghetti that Jamie made for dinner tonight!  The house still smells like basil and garlic and yum, hours later!

Thanking... the great teachers in Atty's new room for being truly awesome!  After only three weeks with them she's transitioned great and really isn't even throwing fits when I drop her off anymore!

Considering... whether completely changing the hours I work (moving to 3rd shift from 1st shift) is worth a dollar more an hour.  It would involve spending less time with my family, which I'm not in love with.

Starting... to prep a new art journal book for a cool process I recently learned about on YouTube calling Journaling by 5s by Shannon Green.

Finishing... my Momma's birthday present to give to her Sunday.

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  1. I've been watching a lot of PBS shows lately as well. I haven't heard of Groove Book before but that is a really cool concept!

    1. I really love Groove Book. They send your photos in a different color cover every month as well - so it makes it nice and easy to sort the photos into a chronological fashion until I get around to doing something with them.


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