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I'm back again today with a Blogtember prompt.  Can you believe it?  It's been five days straight of blogging goodness!  I'm ...

I'm back again today with a Blogtember prompt.  Can you believe it?  It's been five days straight of blogging goodness!  I'm so excited!  Can you tell?  I have really missed this part of my life.  Anyway, back to the challenge.

I'm not much of music buff.  In general, I don't dictate the music that plays in our home.  Usually either Jamie or the darling girl gets to make those decisions.  There are times that my mood requires a certain kind of music, although those time are often emotionally charged rough patches to begin with.  Music has the tendency to get me to dig deeper into how I'm feeling and why.  It can help me make decisions, as odd as that may seem.

I listen to a very random assortment of music and have all of my life.  My music can range from Reggae to Rock.  From Christian bands to Folk.  From Pop to Metal.  And pretty much everything in between.  In college (when I lived for music), I listened to a ton of different bands and was always looking for something new and different.  However, I stuck pretty close to Punk, Pop, and Rock genres.  Today, I pretty much listen to the same bands that I discovered back in college!  Jamie handles all the searching for new and different these days.

Some of my favorites include Bowling for Soup, Pink, Faith Hill, Paramore (swoon!), Ani DiFranco, and Halestorm.  Anyway, today's prompt was to hit random on your music playing device and list the first 10 songs that play.  And amazingly enough none of my daughter's music popped up on my list or Jamie's!  I've linked the songs that I could find so that you can go and have a listen if you're curious about a song/band.  So here we go:

Andrea's 10 random songs (band name - song title)

  1. The Veronicas - 4ever
  2. Ani DiFranco - Come Away From It
  3. Paramore - Misery Business
  4. Faith Hill - Just Around the Eyes
  5. Boys Like Girls - Be Your Everything
  6. Hinder - Lips of An Angel
  7. Jonatha Brooke - Fire and Rain (I just discovered this one - so good!)
  8. Jessica Simpson - Between You and I
  9. Ani DiFranco - Up Up Up Up Up Up
  10. Faith Hill - Life's Too Short to Love Like That

Jamie's 10 random songs (band name - song title)

  1. Roots Manuva - Skid Valley
  2. Watkin Tudor Jones - Reprogram
  3. Buraka Som Sistema - Sente
  4. Die Antwood - Cookie Thumper!
  5. Chiddy Bang - Mind Your Manners
  6. Two Fingers - Stude
  7. Rye Rye - Body
  8. Mickey Avalon - Roll the Dice
  9. Roots Manuva - Toothbrush
  10. RJD2 - F.H.H.
I included Jamie's list so you can see the very wide range that plays in our house.  Not to mention the Sofia the First's theme songs and other Disney songs that play for Atty.  Jamie listens to music based on the beat and feel the song has, not necessarily the words involved.  I, on the other hand, love the lyrics.  If a song doesn't have "good" lyrics that make me smile, chuckle, or think then the chances are very slim that I will listen for long (or again).  This prompt was actually rather interesting to do.  I haven't thought much about music in the past several years.  I even discovered a couple new bands/singers that I enjoy because of this prompt!

Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the Blogtember prompts.  We are celebrating my daughter's birthday with her Grandparents and my brothers.  There will be a post, but it will be a bit later in the day.  I will talk to you then!

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