Layout a Day (LOAD1014) - Day Two

Welcome back to day two of Layout a Day !  This time around Layout a Day (LOAD) is taking a school themed approach.  This semester ...

Welcome back to day two of Layout a Day!  This time around Layout a Day (LOAD) is taking a school themed approach.  This semester we are working on  "A Yearbook of Your Memories".  Today the prompt took inspiration from lockers, the ultimate storage space.  I don't know about you, but man was my locker always full.  I mean overflowing full.  Like everytime I opened it stuff fell out, kind of full.  There was a point in highschool that I wouldn't even open the thing if I didn't have to.  Instead I carried half the day's worth of books with me in order to make it actually worth trying to open that thing and get something else out!  Unfortunately, this has carried on with me today.  If you look into my bag, purse, or car you would see all kinds of crazy stuff (you know, in case of emergency I might need....or if it rains I need a sweater, yes I know that it is currently 80+ degrees and that is not the point!).  It's a problem, and while I would like to say that I'm working on it, it honestly doesn't bother me until things ooze out...or I lose something (like my planner that is still missing some three weeks after the last time I saw it).

The Photos

Anyway, I briefly debated on current day things that I could document like my bag, my planner (yes I made a new one once I gave up finding the old one, well I made three of them..), or my art journal, which go with me almost everywhere.  However, I decided that this prompt would be perfect for continuing to work on my Easter scrapbooking layouts.

So I grabbed the stack of photos from Atty's Easter basket and her digging into it.  Atty received a sock bunny (like a sock monkey with bunny ears), a duck taggie blanket toy (which she loves to cuddle with), and two books.  One of the books was Elmo's Easter Parade and the other was about fluffy animals and has some really cool animal fur-like textures in it that she can touch and feel.  She was (at the time) really nervous about touching textures she hadn't experienced before (or animals in general).

The Counterfeit Kit

I also thought this would be the perfect time to put together a small kit using this month's Counterfeit Kit Club.  In honor of not overwhelming myself with this process, I tried to only grabbed enough stuff to create 3-4 layouts, which is more than enough for me to finish up some more of these Easter layouts.  What I got out of the Little Magpie kit was a Maggie Holmes theme with bows and soft pastel colors, florals, and frames, so that's what I tried to pull from my stash.  I thought I had bought a Maggie Holmes $5 pack from Michaels awhile back, but apparently I did not (I'm not a huge fan) so I just used the Dear Lizzy pack for a lot of the patterned papers.  All of the papers on the bottom row are from that $5 Michael's pack.  I decided to focus mainly on the floral theme and the soft pastels for my kit, although I did include a nice blue and a cream ribbon to make my own bows down the road.

I included three alpha sets in my kit - one is Dear Lizzy, one is Simple Stories "Hey Mom" collection, and one is from Nikki Sivvils (which I've been using quite often lately).  I also included some Studio Calico labels, a My Mind's Eye stamp set, and various Easter embellishments that I've been using for my Easter layouts.

The Inspiration

The new Spark E-Magazine is out today at Simple Scrapper, so during one of my trips to bed to lay down due to my back, I decided to check it out.  Inside Spark was a really cool sketch/template that included one photo and lots of paper layers for matting.  It also included a journaling card/spot that I knew would be perfect for listing all the fun items that were inside Atty's Easter basket.  So I decided on two of my favorite photos for the layout and the rest went into a pocket page.  I also loved the words that were handwritten in various spots of the sketch so I definitely wanted to incorporate that idea onto my page.

The Layout

I fussy cut some of flowers from one of the Dear Lizzy papers, as well as one of the mason jars, to begin to create my clusters.  I also matted both photos with another small print floral from the Dear Lizzy pack and used a Project Life 4x6 card from the Midnight Collection to tuck under the focal photo.  Then I went to town with sequins and Easter embellishments.  The doilie was misted with Heidi Swapp Color Shine (Primrose), which I also splatted at the top left and right of the layout.  I used the Nikki Sivvils letter stickers for my title and also added some sequins to act as bullet points.  Finally, I had forgotten about my love of the handwritten words on the sketch, so I added some Authentique sticker words that described Atty's reaction to her basket.

So there you have it!  I was able to create and complete my Counterfeit Kit for October and create my second Layout a Day layout!  Woohoo.  Now on to day three!  I really love being able to create kits from my own stash using Counterfeit Kit Club.  You can check out my past Counterfeit Kits here.

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  1. Great job-on both the layout and the kit!!

  2. Love your kit!! The photos and layout look super too.

  3. Nice to see somebody else playing along with CKC AND LOAD, a super kit although I bet you get more out of it than you think. My kit this month was small BUT I got more than 6 layout out of it :O

  4. Love the kit and you did a fantastic job on the layout, I'm a fellow simple scrapper too so glad to see another working with a counterfeit kit. Fun to see the LOAD theme. Yep highschool days, I carried my books cause all my classes were in the opposite pod of where my locker was located.

  5. Glad you've taken up the LOAD challenge this month. My CKC kits make life so simple for LOAD. I think I'm 4 for 5 so far!
    Taking the general vibe of how the inspiration kit inspires you & running with it are a great approach to building your kit. Loved your page! especially the sequins for bullet points.

  6. What a sweet kit you've pulled together. And those fussy-cut flowers look fab on your page. So cute. Good luck with LOAD.

  7. Lovely layout!!! Good luck with LOAD!!

  8. Gorgeous kit (and baby!!) :)

  9. we thought along the same lines getting our kits together with the whole Dear Lizzy/Maggie your kit and the teal & yellow focus!

  10. Double whammy with CKC and LOAD! Go you and what a great kit. You really made a pretty collection and what super layers. Clever!


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