#OneBookJuly2014 - Wrap Up

The Challenge For the month of July,   Rhomany's Realm   has issued a challenge to all planners, notetakers, art journalers, anyone...

The Challenge

Got my #onebookjuly2014  all setup even without power.  Now im all ready for today! For the month of July, Rhomany's Realm has issued a challenge to all planners, notetakers, art journalers, anyone who uses a book to help organize their life in some way!  Her challenge is to use one book and one pen ONLY for the entire month!

Now, I have tried my planner (Family Plus), and while it works okay - it isn't perfect and I tend to forget to use it.  I think my problem is I want too much to be captured in it and I don't have the slightest idea how to organize it.  Nonetheless, I set it aside, along with my two composition notebooks, and my art journal to take on this challenge.  I am currently loving the Hobonichi style books that I am seeing everywhere.  So I made a trip to Walmart to see what I could find that might work for the month.  I found this great "Notes" book that is by Blue Sky Imagination.  Inside it has graph paper on the left side, and lined paper on the right.  I also chose a Bic Multicolored pen, as my pen of the month.  It has black, blue, red, and green, which I thought would help me for color coding Important Stuff (red) and Bills (green), along with just giving me a bit of variety.

Day 17 & 18

These days were rather scrapbook oriented, so I included a sketch for a layout and a product list of things that I used on a page for day 17.  My daughter and I also watched Frozen again, which she absolutely loves because of all of the music.  On day 18, I included some notes from Lain Ehmann's The Power Hour seminar.  And the rest of the day 18 is just journaling about how Jamie brought me Taco Bell for lunch and what we ate for breakfast.

Day 19 & 20

#onebookjuly2014 day 19 & 20: sketch of ice cream from our fav place on the 19th, and cleaning list for the 20th

I absolutely love the doodle of my ice on day 19.  I think it's the highlight of this project for me!  I did a bullet style list of the things we did on a lovely relaxing Saturday, and then day 20 was Sanitize Sunday again so I included a list of what everyone did to tidy up the house.

Day 21 & 22

#onebookjuly2014 day 21 & 22: on day 21 I have a list of my favs from the scrapbooking summer releases, and day 22 atty started taking her first steps by herself

On day 21, the summer scrapbooking releases began to have sneak peaks of what's coming out soon.  And I made a list of the collections that I love and want to buy all of, as well as the items that I just want a couple pieces from.  Also, Shades of Grey started, so I have some notes from that lovely free workshop.  On Day 22, the fairies stole my pen so I used pencil.  And Atty started taking her first steps by herself!  She's getting to be such a big girl - so fast!

Day 23

On day 23, I just did some journaling about the day and used washi to break up the page.  And I found my pen!  I completely forgot to do anything on the 24th - but we started weaning Atty so it was kinda a rough day in my defense.

Day 25 & 26

Day 25 was day two of transitioning her to whole milk.  And it was my late day to go in to work, so Atty and I got to spend quite a bit of the morning together - which is always a plus!  Day 26 was a really rough day, because Atty woke up quite a few times in the night wanting to nurse (nighttime feedings were really the only ones she was still getting on a regular basis).  But she was super cuddling and lovey the whole day, which was nice after such a rough night.

And that is all I've got, because I started third shift on Sunday night (the 27th) and between working 12 hour days and trying to get some sleep in....I kinda forgot all about the journal.

I did finally get my tablet to record properly (well honestly, it decided to work, as I recorded this at the same time I tried to record my kill a kit video - literally, all I did was hit the record button again after the kill a kit.  I really don't understand why it has to be so wonky and irritating).  So I have a video flip for you!  Yay!

If you'd like to see close up shots of the first half of July, check out  #OneBookJuly - Setup and Halfway Through.  

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