A Look at the First Year

Since my main destash challenge this month is to complete Atty's baby book, I decided to flip through the photos that we have taken in ...

Since my main destash challenge this month is to complete Atty's baby book, I decided to flip through the photos that we have taken in the last year.  Oh my goodness.  We are talking 3,213 photos!  Wow.  And of course, I wanted to be able to pull just Atty's photos for the specific projects.  Therefore, I have spent hours tagging and adding to her Faces in iPhoto to come up with a selection of my all time favorites.  On the first pass through I narrowed it down to 297!  Wow.  While selecting and further narrowing my photos, I decided I wanted to pick out my favorite 4-5 from the month.  I also wanted to focus on gathering photos that showed Atty's growth and important stories.  A lot of the smaller details and stories are already highlighted in our Project Life albums so I wanted this book to be more big achievements, milestones, and important stories. Warning: This is a very photo heavy post.   But it gives you a glimpse of how I chose my photos for my projects.

Birth - 1 week :

I have birth pictures (3 or 4) that I will include in my album, but for the sake of this post I decided not to showcase them. I do hope you understand :)

Atty's first day
Daddy watching his brand new baby girl sleep.
This is one from the Professional Photographer on the day that we left the hospital (Day 2).

This is another photograph from the Professional Photographer on the day we left the hospital (Day 2).
Atty on Day 5 on a trip to get her blood tested due to jaundice.

Day 6 - Happy Baby
My little watermelon is a week old!

1 month :
Daddy & Atty
I love this photo because you can see every tiny detail about her face.

Our First Family Self-Portrait (albeit not a great one).
I tried, rather unsuccessfully, for the first couple of months to take a monthly photo with her giant monkey (to show growth).  And this is how most of them turned out!  So I gave up, but definitely wanted to include this one!

2 months :

My, how we've grown into our carseat already!
Atty and Grandma
Atty sitting outside with her Daddy
Our first road trip to Chicago to visit friends

Atty and Momma

3 months :

1st Halloween - Princess Atizle (Snow White)
One of my favorites of all time
Sleeping buddies
Buddha baby, I just love that cheesy grin!
The swing that saved our lives (seriously, that thing was awesome at making a content baby).

4 months :

Atty in her winter sleeper
Atty playing with Daddy
Atty all bundled up in her winter gear.
Atty was fascinated with the Christmas Tree lights.
Atty holding Grandpa's hand on Christmas.
Atty playing with Aunt Anita on Christmas.
Atty opening her first Christmas present!

5 months :

Atty playing with her piggies.
Another attempt at a family selfie.
Atty is starting to push herself up on her hands.
Atty's play area.

6 months :

Starting cereal.
Tummy play time is on of her favorite times of the day!
Especially, when there are cats to try to get!
Baby kisses!
Starting to crawl.
Adding in baby food to the mix.

7 months :

Yum face.
Serious teething begins.
It's bounce time!
Learning to stand.
Atty is pulling herself up on everything (still very unsteady).
This girl loves to play in nice, clean, folded laundry.

8 months :

Starting to eat Cheerios.
Good morning, Mama!  Time to play!
Coloring with Daddy.
Atty with her last bottle.
1st experience with crawling on grass (she did not like it!).
First pancake taste.
Digging into her first Easter basket.
Hanging out with Grandma on Easter.

9 months :

Don't you love that cheese ball grin!
Atty has learned how to stick out her tongue, blow raspberries, and is finally outgrowing her 3-6 month sleepers.
The girl who couldn't stand anything on her head is now developing a hat fascination. 
Our first trip to the park.
Atty can now walk while pushing something (her favorite thing is the empty pampers wipes box).

10 months :

Apparently, these last couple of months are still too close for the important parts to pop out at me.  It was really hard to narrow these down!

Our first time swimming - which she loved!
Despite what this picture may tell you!  She really had a ton of fun.

Playtime with Grandma
Atty loves to be outside, and to yell, to laugh and giggle!
Atty does this all the time, not 100% sure why, but generally it means "rub my piggies".
Grandma can be Atty's Superhero at times.  For example, this photo was taken after
Grandma replaced all the dead batteries in Atty's favorite toys (because her
parents were too lazy to do so, apparently).
Waterplay is one of Atty's favorite things to do, so we bought a baby pool and
she prefers to splash in it (rather than getting in).
Atty's sensory bottles
Her very own sandbox!
Atty's toys nicely put away, for the moment.
Atty is climbing on everything.
And showing off, even when she's not suppose to be doing something.
She loves waving for hi, bye, and look at me!

11 months :

Atty has started to really develop a relationship with the baby in the mirrors.
Atty is hot-blooded like her Mama, so she loves to feel wind and breezes on her.
Getting messy with bubble paint!
She loves bubbles!
Getting really messy with cornstarch paint.
Sitting in the yard, playing with her toys.
Ever since we moved into our current home, Atty has been fascinated with trains.
She loves watching this go by and they completely captivate her attention.
Atty asleep in the car with her mirror.
Still playing chase the cat, but now the cats have to be more creative in their escape.
Walking in the yard with Grandpa.

12 months - 1 year! :

Hanging out with Grandma.
Atty now needs/demands several times throughout the day of independent playtime.
This had stopped for several months and has started again.
Next summer a sprinkler is required.
She loves watching the water hit things, as well as splashing in it.
Atty loves taking the walker outside onto the driveway and chasing you!
She gets quite a bit of speed going, let me tell you!

Those are the photos I have selected to build my albums around.  I will probably add some filler photos based on the specific albums (Grandma Kershaw's album will have more photos of Atty and the Kershaws, while my other gift album will center around her other grandparents).  For Atty's baby book, I want a good mix of both sides of the family.  I do need to go through and add in some more pictures of Grandpa Bobb, because for some reason I only have close up photos of him holding her (and you can't tell its him).

The Next Step - Kit Building

The next step in my process is to gather up all of my baby supplies and build up a kit.  So stay tuned for that step, later on this week!

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