Art Journal Update #wfs2014

I haven't really done anything in my art journal since Atty was born almost a year ago.  This month due to challenges I found on Instagr...

#zentangle #doodles for my #wfs2014 #artjournal Yay im artjournaling again!  Its been forever.  #zentangledoodleI haven't really done anything in my art journal since Atty was born almost a year ago.  This month due to challenges I found on Instagram, When Frogs Sing (a workshop by Rhomany's Realm), and the #onebookjuly2014 challenge (also by Rhomany's Realm), I have dived right back into my lovely art journal.  And oh how I have missed it!

So I thought today that I would show you some of my pages that I have been working on.  None of them are really completed yet, and I'm still working on them in bits and pieces as time (and Atty) allows.  But I love getting back into my art journal and just playing again!

Koi Fish

This was the first journaling page that got me back into doodling again.  It started as a sample zentangle for the current session of When Frogs Sing and morphed into what my #onebookjuly2014 was a bit.  It has doodles plus a to do list, a hashtag list, and some of the new summer release that I want to buy (from the scrapbooking world).

Final art journal page.  A little bit of everything from to do lists to doodles.  #artjournal #wfs2014 #doodles #zentangle

A nice detail shot of my lovely koi fish.  I think he turned out so cool.  The koi fish prompt came from Instagram (#sadoodleaday by @p_enelope_b).

My attempt at koi fish for #sadoodleaday #zentangle #doodles #wfs2014 #artjournal


This is the start of my graffiti page for the Instagram prompts by @p_enelope_b.  This also corresponds with the day of the When Frogs Sing session about creative lettering so I really wanted to play around and see what I could come up with.

The start of my Graffiti doodle.  I ran out of time yesterday - #doodles #wfs2014 #artjournal #zentangledoodle #sadoodleaday

Again this page is more of a "daily" page like my #onebookjuly2014 was.  On this day, we were playing outside in the driveway with the walker and Atty was growling at me.  It was the most hilarious noise that she has made, I think, ever!  This page is not completed and is still a work in progress.  I need to finish outlining my letters and then I want to color in some of the lettering, as well.

Under The Sea 

This little doodle was inspired by a doodle-a-day prompt from Instagram (#sadoodleaday) by @p_enelope_b.  The background was already watercolor washed and we have been watching a lot of The Little Mermaid the saying was the first thing to come to mind.  I still want to add some details/zentangley doodled and possibly color the letters, but we'll see.


#sadoodleaday day 6 - print - I started this #artjournal spread almost a year ago while I was on maternity leave with my daughter.  Since coming back to work I havent been art journaling at all!  This month has me playing in my journal again and it really

This is another page that was inspired by the Instagram challenge by @p_enelope_b.  The only thing I added to it was the lettering, which talks about how after a year long break from art journaling - I'm back to creating and loving it!

I hope I've inspired you to have a little bit of play and see what you can come up with!  Check back next week for more art journaling love!  For more journaling and doodling fun, check out the rest of my When Frogs Sing posts.  I would love to hear what you think.

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