Welcome, December!

I'm so excited that December is here! I'm a little bit behind on my December Daily posts this week, because of a bout of migrain...

I'm so excited that December is here! I'm a little bit behind on my December Daily posts this week, because of a bout of migraines. I hope you'll forgive me! First off, my new project, December Daily Quickies, began yesterday. I have already shared a selection of the supplies I will be using this month, along with my foundation pages so far. I filmed a quick introduction video, just in case you've missed the premise of the project.

December Daily Quickies Project

Basically, throughout the month of December, I will be posting quick 10 to 15 minute videos to help encourage and inspire you to creatively document your December memories and get your stories down onto paper. No matter if you are a scrapbooker or an art journaler or just a planner enthusiast, these quick ideas should help you to use some of the supplies you have on hand to embellish and actually finish your December memory keeping projects this year! These videos are designed to give you inspiration that can actually fit into your busy December days. I hope you'll join along with me this month as we document these precious and magical moments this month.

The Rental Car - Our December 1st Story

Today, I'm also sharing some highlights from our family's December 1st.  Our December 1st story began with the car not starting again when I went to take Atty to daycare around 5:30 am.  This has been an ongoing problem for us - this is like the fifth time in the last month.  So after we found someone who could a) break into the car - because the power locks weren’t working and b) jump the car.  I managed to get my daughter to daycare and headed to get the car fixed - cuz I’m over this thing!

The repair shop told me they would try to get the car fixed by the end of the day, but no guarantees.  I was expecting to hang out at the repair for a couple hours and then be able to use my car for the rest of the day!  Unfortunately, I could either have a shuttle take me somewhere and find a ride back when it was done, or I could rent a car.  So I rented a car, because I had things to do and a daughter to pick up before “sometime” when the car might be fixed.  The rental car was a beautiful 2014 Ford Focus.  It was a dream to drive.  When I finally got the call around 3:30pm that my car was done, I was a bit sad to have to return the car.  I only drove about 30 miles in it and it cost about a 1.50 for the gas, but it was awesome to drive in something that smooth and gorgeous!

So that's our story for the 1st of December.  I'd love to hear about what you are documenting for your December so far!  Check back tomorrow for more stories from our December, plus the first December Daily Quickie!

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