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Today I'm back with another Blog-tember prompt, hosted by Bailey Jean of Brave Love . Today is all about our favorite bloggers (and I...

Today I'm back with another Blog-tember prompt, hosted by Bailey Jean of Brave Love. Today is all about our favorite bloggers (and I added YouTubers).  I love blogs and watching videos on YouTube.  I always love to see what the people who inspire me are currently working on themselves.  I spend the majority of my lunch breaks playing around on blogs and watching videos.  So I hope you enjoy them as well!  These current favorites are in no particular order, just however I thought of them.


  1. Shannon Green - The creator of Journaling by 5s, which is how I found her blog.  Shannon is one of the funniest and snarkiest people I've read in a long time.  Whenever I read her posts, I start cracking up.  Jamie thinks I'm crazy, especially when I start reading her posts aloud so he can enjoy the humor as well (somehow he apparently doesn't appreciate it as much as I do). 
  2. Elise Blaha Cripe - Elise's blog is full of great blogging and business information, which I love.  She also has a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty that is all about small business.  While I love all of that and it's completely awesome, I found Elise when I was about 6 months pregnant with my daughter.  Her daughter, Ellerie is about two months older than Atty, and I love to follow Ellerie's story, the things Elise is doing with her, and the memory keeping that Elise is currently doing.  I even refer to Ellerie to Jamie and talk about the things she's doing compared to Atty (that's not intended to sound creepy in anyway...) For example, Elise has a recent post up about toddler art that I completely related to!
  3. Alisa Burke - Alisa is another lovely lady that I follow not only because she makes amazing art, but also because I enjoy her daughter's story.  It's like watching these kids grow up.  It's awesome!  I originally started following Alisa when I began art journaling and playing around with zentangling and doodling.  She is such an inspiration!  One day I would love to take some of her online classes.  I also love that her daughter creates right alongside her, as you can see in her recent Fall Coloring page.
  4. The Kavanaugh Report - I originally found this blog when I first started researching child-led learning and the Montessori method.  Then back in May, I rediscovered it and dug a little bit deeper when I was following a link up of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning, where 11 Montessori bloggers focus on a theme for each month.  This month was on Montessori math, and The Kavanaugh Report has a great post on what to do when your child has no interest in a subject that you are trying to guide them towards (in this case math).
  5. Living Montessori Now - Living Montessori Now is another great Montessori resource that I found in my initial research phase.  Deb is also involved in the 12 Months of Montessori Learning linkup, and always has some great ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.  Recently, she posted a Montessori Nature Tray for Sorting and Counting that would be an awesome way to make use of some of Atty's treasures that we always pick up on our nature walks!


  1. Rhomany's Realm - Rhomany is always posting awesome planning, art journaling, and art related videos.  She also has some really great and funny vlogs and I just find her very, very inspiring!  She's doing a new series currently called Journal Quickies, which are a great way to add tidbits to your journals.
  2. Nicolejones911 - I love the way Nicole scrapbooks using her monthly kit club.  She often inspires me to dig into my stash and create a new kit and play with it until there is nothing left!  She can get an amazing amount of layouts done with one kit, for example she's on layout number 16 with her July Hip Kit!  Nicole is who inspired me to do my current series on YouTube about my stash kit that was inspired by the Hip Kit Club's May 2015 kit.
  3. Irit Landgraf - Another scrapbook and art journaling YouTuber who is constantly inspiring me.  She was the first person I saw that used plastic packaging to apply inks and sprays onto a layout.  She always gets me pumped up to play with my scrapbooking supplies.  I love how she mixes art supplies and scrapbooking to create mixed media layouts.  In one of her recent layouts, she uses image transfers on her layout - how cool is that!
  4. Kathy Orta - Kathy makes the most amazing mini books and other amazing memory keeping projects.  I found her originally due to December Daily two or three years ago, and I still refer to her videos when I'm looking for ideas for mini books and December Daily prep.  She's come out with a new mix & match mini album tutorial that is so packed full of places to fill with photos and journaling.  I also love how she uses different materials and sizes to keep your albums very interesting!
  5. The Frugal Crafter - Lindsay is another great one to watch for creative videos, as well as small business tips and tricks.  Plus, she has such a great personality!  Lately she has been doing a watercolor real time video series that I have been watching nonstop.  But her channel is full of all kinds of creative ideas from watercolor to drawing to stamping to kids crafts and beyond.  
Oddly enough, I had more difficulty picking 5 bloggers than I did picking YouTubers.  Maybe it's due to being burnt out on YouTube currently.  I did this really silly thing and made a playlist with like 800 videos on it.  After finally getting all the way through that list, I have very little desire to watch YouTube videos for a bit.  I did discover that I watch between 100 and 150 videos a week though....

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  1. Awesome blogs and youtubers! I'll have to check them out!

    1. Glad you found them interesting! I'd love to hear what you think of them when you take a look.


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