Since the beginning of July, I have been participating in a fun challenge by Rhomany's Realm called #onebookjuly2015 .   The premise of...

Since the beginning of July, I have been participating in a fun challenge by Rhomany's Realm called #onebookjuly2015.  The premise of this challenge is to use one book (planner, journal, etc) to simplify and pare down to basics in how you plan, journal, art journal, or whatever else you include in your planner/journal.  I also took part in this challenge last year.

Last year this challenge completely changed the way I viewed a planner.  I really enjoyed and looked forward to playing around in my book each day (for the most part).  I actually stuck with the habit that the challenge created for almost three months, until the typical crazy retail holiday season started (all of my life seems to break down no matter what habits are in place from October to February due to work).

Now, a year later, I am returning to the challenge of #onebookjuly2015.  Some things have changed, and some things remain the same.  I am using a moleskine blank journal that I have been using since April (it was my birthday present to myself).  I have mainly been using it as a bullet journal and brain dump book.  I took Rhomany's advise and simply started with a month at a glance hand-drawn spread of July, and also a week on one page for all the weeks in July.  I included these items because I wanted them together and I didn't want to have them spread throughout my book for the month when I decided I needed them.  Plus, I use these areas of my planner to track stuff that goes on throughout the month, not only for things like appointments but also memory keeping type stuff.

So far my only issues with my #onebookjuly2015 is how mishmash messy it is.  For some reason it's driving me crazy.  I do keep an index page, but I cannot be bothered to look up where my grocery log is, for example, and instead have to flip through all 150 pages in order to find something.  I think this is why I always want a ring bound solution, but I hate having to hole punch all of the pages.  I am trying to figure out a way to create sections or color code/lifemap or something in the last 50 or so pages that are left in my book, because I think that would help a ton.  Or maybe I'll just do that in the next book.  I do like just flipping the page and starting another idea, but when I want to come back to a note or topic its a bit of a pain.  It almost makes me want to try a fauxdori with several books...maybe that would solve my issues?

My other issue is my pen choice.  I chose a sharpie pen, because I love them.  But I always break the nib.  I'm on pen number 4, because of this!  ARGH!  I wish I could find a nice fine point, permanent pen that doesn't have a metal tip, because I either smoosh it or break it.  Frustrating.

Finally, I need someone to just kick me in the butt and make me work in my journal.  I have had such a horrible time getting back into the habit of sitting down with it daily, or even looking at it daily!  I do really enjoy writing daily, but ever since I started the Artist's Way in November and fell off the wagon back in February, I simply haven't been able to make myself write with any kind of routine or habit.  It actually creates bitterness and anger just to think I have to write today.  Not sure why...but yeah.  That's definitely something I need to continue to work on and figure out!

I have also been using watercolor here and there in my journal.  I love the little pops of color and being able to just paint and play around.  It encourages me to doodle and create sections on my page, like borders and frames.  I haven't done too much with the watercolor, just whenever I start to get bored with all the black pen!

Another thing I have really enjoyed this time around has been #letteritjuly.  I have been able to get some artsy time just playing around with lettering and my watercolors through this fun Instagram challenge.

I do hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my journal for July.  I have definitely learned some new things about myself and how I work during this year's challenge.  Hopefully, I will be able to take these lessons and continue to practice and tweak them as the year progresses.  I have also recorded a flip through of my book so be sure to check that out too!

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