Halfway Through 2015

It is officially over half way through the year and I have no idea where all that time has gone to!  It's been a rough one between Jam...

It is officially over half way through the year and I have no idea where all that time has gone to!  It's been a rough one between Jamie and the baby being sick and such.  Here it is July and my blog has gone to the crickets, as have any other mommy-centered activities.  I spent most of June trying to regain some time and focus, delving into my one little word that I picked back in January.  Up until this last week Atty had been back in daycare for the longest stretch since she started back in February - she almost made it three week straight!  The last three weeks have been pretty amazing.  I had three weeks where I didn't have to struggle with making sure someone was able to watch her while I was at work or not going to work because I couldn't find anyone.  Three weeks of Jamie steadily healing to the point they took the wound vac off of his right foot (where they had amputated his toe several months ago and we worried that it would end up being fully amputated, as well).

Three weeks of life flowing right along.  It has been wonderful.  I haven't wanted to return to the online world until I knew life had calmed back down, in case I had to disappear again.  I have started off rather slowly, easing my way back into my own routine.  ICAD began in June and it was fairly simple to play with index cards and snap a picture for Instagram, even with the crappy phone service in our new place.  Pinterest has also been a nice way of relaxing outside with the family in the evening and getting inspiration, and it was still fairly easy to do on my phone.  Now I'm beginning to dip my toes back into the blog, while not forcing myself to have a strict schedule and go gunho - thus getting frustrated because I can't keep pace due to life's hiccups.  Getting back to my word for 2015 (FLOW).  I'm also dipping my toes into creative videos, something that was on my goals list back in January.  July kicks off #onebookjuly2015, which I participating in again this year.  I've fallen off the planning wagon for most of the year and really need to get back into getting things done!

Another thing that are going on in our little studio world is working with Atty's learning progression.  We have begun to apply some Montessori and unschooling/child-led learning principles to activities, toys, and art that we all do together.  While most of our "equipment" is DIY, we have setup a small Montessori area in our living room that I will sharing, as well as other "educational" stuff that we have been doing with her.

We are all getting back into a routine.  A very exhausting routine, but routine none the less.  My work schedule has shifted to half an hour earlier so everyone in the house wakes up around 4 am.  Mornings are devoted to waking up and relaxing before we meet our day.  We get home from work and daycare we spend sometime while dinner cooks playing with our learning toys and such.  The rest of our short evening is spent playing with toys (balls, bubbles, minimal TV/cellphone apps), and reading books.  By 5:30, Atty is getting fussy, tired, and ready for bed.  Once bath time is over and she is tucked in I have a two to three hour gap of me time.  Recently this has meant playing video games (Dragon Age: Origins), scrapbooking, art-related stuff, planning or blog/video stuff.  It's really working for us.  Any day that Jamie isn't in the hospital or Atty is not sick is a huge win day for me!

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