August Destash Challenge - Theme & Mini Album Supplies

  This is one of the spreads that I have completed for Atty's baby book. Except I need to reprint the photos (as the printer was r...

LOAD1 - Full Spread
This is one of the spreads that I have completed for Atty's baby book.
Except I need to reprint the photos (as the printer was running low on ink).
Back in January, one of my goals was to really focus on destashing and using up some of the stuff that I own and not buying more!  So this month for my Destash Project, I am going to be focusing on Theme and Mini Album supplies.  I currently have three baby books in various stages of completion, as well as one baby book I haven't even started yet.  Plus, I want to create a small travel book for our vacation at the end of the month!  I hope you will join me in this adventure of Destashing your Themed and Mini Album supplies!

Plans for the Month

  • Atty's baby book - I want this done by the end of the month, when she turns a year old!  Honestly, I want it done by her birthday party (which is on the 23rd).  It is pretty much done, but definitely needs some embellishing, journaling, and some photos printed.  It is a Project Life style 12 x 12 album.
  • Baby album gift for a friend - I have been working on a baby album for my best friend since....November.  I think.  Anyway, my friend really needs to have this in her hands like NOW.  So while I'm working on Atty's book, I want to complete my friends.  It is also a 12  x 12 Project Life style album and about 75% complete.  This book is mainly about cutting papers and putting various cards into the album and then shipping it!  Along with the huge pile of baby clothes that I need to send her, as well.
  • Gift 6x8 album - This album is a surprise gift and needs to be done before my vacation.  It is a 6x8 Project Life style album, that I haven't even started yet.  It will need cards chosen, photos printed, journaling done, and some embellishing done as well.
  • Mom's birthday present album - This is a traditional 12 x 12 album that will be all about Atty and her grandparents.  Therefore, photos will need to be printed, journaling and embellishing done.  However, it is a predesigned album, so most of the paper selections have been done.
  • Travel album - I'm not quite sure if I will get to this or not, but I would really like to have a small mini album that I can stick emphema and bits and journaling from our trip.  I would love to have it all prepped and ready so that I can just add photos when we went back and be done with it.  However, it's on the backburner this month!  Worse case scenario, I may just buy/make a smashbook and call it good enough!
I have nothing to show you lovelies, yet this week, as I had intended on posting my plans last week.  But since I was on third shift all of last week and then had two teeth pulled on Thursday, I haven't quite had the oomph to get my butt in gear.  This week I will be pulling together my kit for August and starting to work on these lovely projects - so stay tuned!  And check back next week for how I begin this process of working on 4 different albums to DESTASH my baby supplies!  If you have any helpful tips and tricks for doing mini albums, I would love to hear them!

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