June in Review through Photos

June has been kind of a crazy month for us.  Honestly, neither Jamie nor I took a lot of photos at the beginning of the month.  I have reall...

June has been kind of a crazy month for us.  Honestly, neither Jamie nor I took a lot of photos at the beginning of the month.  I have really no explantion for why, except maybe I was burnt out from doing Layout a Day in May, and therefore, did not want a ton of photos for June?  I don't know.

June 3rd

Atizle went for her first swim.  We weren't sure how she was going to like it, but we were definately hopeing for the best since she loves bathtime.  And she loved swimming!  She laughed and giggled, kicked her little legs, and splashed for quite some time.  This was her first time wearing her brand new swimsuit as well.  Isn't she just adorable?  We were trying to get her all ready for the pool, with sunscreen and blowing up her floaty.

Here she is with Daddy and her floaty that Grandpa and Grandma Bobb bought her.  It is super cool.  She can kick and float and it even has a sunshade for her!

June 7th

I was woke up at 3 am by both Jamie and my little monkey.  They both decided that even though it was Mommy's day off work (and one of the few that I actually get to sleep in!) that it was time to get up.  We ran errands and did our grocery shopping for the week.  We got in an early visit to Grandpa and Grandma, directly after a nap in the car.  So Atty was a super happy monkey.  They were able to see her full of smiles, laughing, and very interactive - instead of the normal sleepy baby that they get to see on Saturday mornings.  Then we went and did a bit more shopping at the scrapbook store (which was having a sale and I wanted to pick up just a couple of things).  Atty hung out with me in the front seat while we waited for the store to open.  Then she got to go into the store with me, which greatly encouraged the "hurry and get just what you came for".

June 11th

We have had some beautiful weather for our spring/beginning of summer.  Thankfully, after our very cold and long winter.  This photo is just a view out one of our windows at the gorgeous day.

June 12th

My mom found an old bath toy that I had when I was young, while we were cleaning out my old toy chest so that we can give it to Atty for her birthday in August.  Of course, Atty inherited a brand new (to her) toy that she could play with during bathtime.  She loves it.  And yes, it passed the taste test.

June 14th

Jamie got a lovely t-shirt from Atty for Father's Day about being off-duty when Mom is around, as well as an iTunes card.

We also went to Grandpa and Grandma Bobb's to celebrate and swim in the pool.  The water was pretty cold and it was a bit windy so we didn't swim very long.  But Atty enjoyed it anyway.  Then we had a lovely snuggle while we let the sun dry us off.

Unfortunately, Atty wouldn't go down for a nap in a "strange" location, so we had fussy baby throughout the rest of the evening.  But Grandma and Grandpa still got to see some smiles and giggles and get some cuddle time in with the munchkin.

June 16th

I have been trying to put more effort into taking Atizle outside when I get off work so that she can play and get some sunshine.  She loves being outside.

She laughs and watches the birds move around in the tree next to our fence.  And she loves being able to watch all seven cats run around the yard.

She will start to chase one and then get distracted by another one.  It is super funny and adorable to watch.

On this evening, I took the bouncer outside with us and she had such a blast.  She was entertained outside for an hour, until it was time for bath and bed.

June 17th

Grandma Kershaw rescued some of Atty's favorite toys by putting batteries in them (since apparently her parents were too darn lazy to do it!).  She is very happy to have her music box and her bedtime butterfly back in operation!

Most evening, she spends a half hour or so playing with Grandma so that Momma can eat dinner and clean up the mess from Atty's dinner.  They always laugh and have a fun time together.

Then it was outside playtime!  This time we brought out the big purple blanket and crawled around on it.  She is not a huge fan of crawling in the grass, but when she crawls on the blanket, it poofs up around her.  We also played with the learning puppy, danced to the music, and gave it lots of snuggles.

June 21st

I spent several days researching solid foods that were okay to give to Atty at her age, because she is refusing to eat baby food.  If she can't pick it up and put it in her mouth, she doesn't want it.  Needless to say this has made feedings a bit more difficult.  She loves peas and Gerber puffs and Cheerios, but we were looking for ideas of items that would actually give her more nutritional value.  While I was looking for food ideas, I ran across the idea of Sensory play.  

Technically, I kind of knew about sensory play from past research, but this weekend I decided to give it a try with her.  The first thing we did was created a "water bin" (we actually got a baby pool for this purpose).  We gave her a variety of "toys" to play with from funnels, measuring spoons, some regular pools toys that she can't put completely into her mouth, and a big rubber ball (cuz she loves balls).  At first she wouldn't get it to the pool and just splashed in the water from the outside.  Eventually, she decided to get it - and Momma realized I really should have taken off that diaper...I do take it off (and her onesie) when she gives me the opportunity.  She really enjoyed her pool and all the different items that we put in for her to play with.

June 22nd

I also made her some sensory bottles that I recycled from our various plastic bottles that happened to be around the house.  She enjoyed knocking them over when I had lined them up in a row, as well as shaking them and rolling them across the floor.

We also picked up a new fuzzy pillow for her it.  It has great, bright colors, and it has a similar texture and feel as her bedtime blanket.  She really enjoys snuggling with it.

However, the highlight of our day was our new edible sandbox!

I made her a sandbox with cornmeal and put a mix of toys in it for her.  Atty played in that thing for almost two hours!  I have to say that is probably the best $15 we have spent on a toy for her!

She has continued to use it throughout the month and gets a big kick out of it.  Especially throwing the cornmeal outside of the bin!

So that's pretty much how our June played out!  Check back later to see how these lovely photos end up getting scrapbooked!  Thanks for reading along today, and if you have any suggestions for Sensory Play activities for an 10 month old who still has to taste everything - please let me know!  I'm definitely going to be trying to do more of these activities!

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