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We had a fantastic month in March.  Atty is changing so much!!  It's so hard to keep up with her, and what works with her now, and how w...

We had a fantastic month in March.  Atty is changing so much!!  It's so hard to keep up with her, and what works with her now, and how we should be stimulating her today! 

  1. Atty is loving Ella's and Sprout natural baby foods.  She devours them!  If we let her she would eat a whole package in one sitting, I swear!  We also added Cheerios after going to the Dr for her 6 month checkup.  She loves them so much!  She has also gotten to the point now that she wants to eat whatever we are eating.  It has made eating a whole new adventure.
  2. Atty has been teething so bad!  We have had more than one sleepless night, because she is so fussy.  One night this month she didn't go to sleep until around 2 am and then woke up at 4 am.  Poor Momma!
  3. We have a opossum hanging around the area, and thus I have declared him to be my totem animal.  He's super friendly and will chitter at you if you talk to him.  He has the habit of getting into Arnold's raccoon traps for a nice place to spend the night.  By the end of March, he was declared off limits for removal (after I named him Bob - he is missing his tail...enough said).  We usually see him at least once a week, but he will come up even during the day to snack on bird seed that is on the ground by the feeders.
  4. We had our first date/baby sitting experience this month.  Grandpa and Grandma Bobb watched Atty for several hours for us, so we could have a day to ourselves and they could get some fun time with her.  We went out to dinner to Applebee's and we went to Barnes and Noble.  We have not been able to go into a bookstore since Atty was born.  No matter what mood she was in, as soon as we walked in she would start screaming and carrying on. 
  5. Atty also had her 6 month Doctor's appointment.  She is doing great on development (according to the doctor and the developmental survey/test thing we had to fill out!)  She is 26.5 inches tall and 17.13 lbs.  She is above average in both categories, but when we went back to a couple week later she had lost 2 lbs.  We had to go back to the doctor because she was vomiting (and she never even spits up).  But all is well now!
  6. We got our taxes done.  Yay!  And we didn't even wait until the last moment!  We took Atty with us, because we knew it would be at least two hours for both of us to get them done.  She was really well behaved and didn't overly fuss until the end when she was hungry.  Daddy walked her around the store and let her play with wooden bats and try to hit people (with the bat....) while I was getting mine done. 
  7. Atty managed to escape out of her car seat, while I was in the Scrapbook Studio buying some goodies.  Jamie captured a video of her getting caught by Mommy.  It was pretty funny.  PS. No harm was done and the car seat was tighten again, it was loose with her not wearing her winter weather gear.
  8. I took a gorgeous picture of the sky when a thunderstorm was rolling in one night.  It looks sooo cool.  Loving the change in weather - I am soooooo done with snow!  I don't even care that we had 70 degree days in March.  Nope.  I don't care.  :)
  9. Atty is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING.  She has gotten into the habit of standing up in her crib and screaming when she really doesn't want to go night night.  Silly girl.
  10. We spent a day at Wallace's, the local landscaping place (which is huge).  We went for Fairy Garden inspiration and a day out of the house since the weather was so nice.  While at Wallace's Atty found several hats that she loved!  This from the girl who wouldn't keep a hat on her head for the first 6 months of her life!  She was so adorable in them, but not at $20.00 a hat.   Ouch.  We also stopped by Michaels and Walmart - where she found two more "hats" to try one. 

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