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Wow.  It has been quite a rough couple of weeks for our household.  We have had some complications with our daughter that we have been deali...

Wow.  It has been quite a rough couple of weeks for our household.  We have had some complications with our daughter that we have been dealing with emotionally, mentally, and financially.  We have also had some job changes - resulting in shift changes by Jamie so now I'm on third shift by myself, which is going to be rough for both of us (working opposite shifts).  Anyway, blogging content should return to the original plan in the next couple weeks.

Photo Friday

I've had some lovely issues at work which you can see in the bottom left photo.  We've had an overwhelming amount of stuff coming in and no where to put it (due to the holidays coming up quickly).  In other news, I've got some really pretty orange dahlias shooting up.  I also had to highlight the lovely Starbucks cup that has become such a predominant focus in my life - yummy Caramel Macchiato.  The rest of the pictures are just showcasing how fall has arrived in our little corner of the Midwest.  What photos have you taken this week?

Blog Love
I haven't been playing on the Internet too much the last couple of weeks because of the happenings going on, but there is some awesome and fantastical things going on.


  • Rhomany is hosting her awesome Whimsical Workspaces V2.0 beginning Oct. 1st.  With me moving the studio out to the garage so that Day Day can have her own room when she comes home, Rhomany's workshop has some amazing timing.  I'm super excited about this one!
  • Tamara Laporte's LifeBook 2013 opens for registration on Oct 8th.  If you haven't heard about Lifebook you definitely need to check it out!  I started the 2012 program in April and it has been an amazing experience.  I'm going to do my bestest to take the 2013 program as well.
  • Wishkeeper's Creativity Collective is having a wonderful workshop on Romancing the Muses that I think sounds fantastic.  And at $8 what more is there to love?

Fantastic Reads

  • Daisy Yellow posted her Daily Paper Prompt #48 - which I used to create my Mandala Monday...that I had intended to post on Monday but I forgot to photograph before I gave it to our daughter.  :(  
  • Alisa Burke has a beautiful post on altered driftwood - but I thought it would be a great seasonal project with twigs and sticks out of my yard for fall.
  • Knitting the Wind has a beautiful post that really hit home for me with everything that is going on.
  • Wishkeeper's Creativity Collective did a lovely post on homemade stamps with some very interesting materials.
  • Vivienne McMaster's explains why she takes self-portraits - I love this!  
  • Effy Wild posted about keeping going.  Thank you darling.  :)

What have you been up to this week?

Love & Light

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