Pebeo Mixed Media Paint Experiment

Learning about Pebeo Mixed Media Paints I love to experiment with new medias and toys just as much as any artist or crafter!  Recen...

Pebeo paint mixed media discovery kit and tools

Learning about Pebeo Mixed Media Paints

I love to experiment with new medias and toys just as much as any artist or crafter!  Recently on a trip to Michael's, I discovered a display of Pebeo Paint.  The sample on the display looked like glass, but it was textured and yummy, while also glossy and smooth and lovely.  I just couldn’t stop touching the sample piece that are part of the display.  I just couldn’t wait to get some and play.  I was fascinated by the effects.  I just couldn't resist buying a small mixed media discovery kit so I could check it out.  I did no initial research on how to use this new stuff and simply pulled out my art journal and started to play.

Pebeo paint display at Michael's store

The Effects of Pebeo Mixed Media Paints

The different paints give you different effects. The Fantasy Prisme paints can be used to mimic stone, marble, or precious metal. Once dry, these paints have a shiny, hard finish with an enameled look. The Fantasy Moon paints can be used to create an opaque, marbled effect on almost any surface. The Fantasy Moon paints create a hammered, textured appearance with a pearlized, smooth finish with a glossy, hard finish. Pebeo's Vitrail is a solvent based, transparent paint for creating brilliant stained glass effects. The colors of the Vitrail paints are dense and very transparent.

In this video you can see what my experiments led to.  I did discover that I should not use this in my journal as it is oil paint (or oil based), and it seeped through my mixed media Canson paper within several minutes.  

Tips and Resources

I’m still learning and experimenting with these cool products but there are some great resources that I highly recommend you check out if you, like me, think these products rock!  First - Pebeo makes an online free magazine that highlights artists that are using these products.  Plus there are a ton of great videos online on YouTube (you know you can learn almost anything on YouTube...).
Pebeo paint on wooden panels

Pebeo Mixed Media Paints on Wooden Panels

Since my first round of play, I have done some minor research and gotten some tips from some lovely people on Instagram.  I’ve watched some YouTube videos to get some idea at what I’m actually trying to achieve.  Then I decided to create another series of pieces on wood panels. I first prepped the wood panels with gesso, and I applied some modeling paste with stencils.  Once everything was dry, I started to layer up the Pebeo paints. You can check out the video below to see how those wooden panels ended up coming together. My next step on experimenting with these products will be to use the Carne Relief.  I originally bought it when I bought my mixed media discovery kit, but for whatever reason it didn't work, it was like all dried up and wouldn’t even come out of the tube.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any experience with these lovely paints.  Please leave a comment below about any tips or tricks you have found with them!  Even if you've never used these Pebeo paints before, let me know what you are currently experimenting with. 

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